Land Development Code

The Town of Cornelius established the Land Development Code to guide town planning efforts by focusing on public space, infrastructure, buildings, and parks. Each zoning district is described in the Code. The Code was adopted on March 19, 2018 and last amended on February 19, 2024.


You may view individual chapters of the Code below, or the entire Code.

Chapter Description
Chapter 1 Purpose and Applicability
Chapter 2 Definitions
Chapter 3 General Provisions
Chapter 4 Architectural Requirements
Chapter 5 Zoning & Use Regulations
Chapter 6 Uses Permitted with Conditions
Chapter 7 Streets, Parking & Lighting
Chapter 8 Open Space
Chapter 9 Environmental Protection
Chapter 10 Signs
Chapter 11 Watershed Protection Administration
Chapter 12 Development Review Process
Chapter 13 Development Plan Specifications
Chapter 14  Zoning Administration
Chapter 15 Non-Conformities
Chapter 16 Planning Board
Chapter 17 Reserved
Chapter 18 Text/Rezoning Amendments