Planning & Zoning

Our mission is to effectively manage change in our town with regard to land use, transportation, historic preservation, and overall development in order to preserve and enhance Cornelius’s quality of life in a timely and consistent manner.

We accomplish our mission by promoting, coordinating, and enforcing land use activities in accordance with the Land Development Code. The Code protects, maintains, and develops an attractive, safe and healthy environment. Land use activities include development standards for proposed density and height, while the Code regulates setbacks and other dimensional requirements, open space, parking, landscaping, lighting, and other items.

What We Do
The Planning Staff oversees the private land development process, issues permits, and assists property owners and business owners with questions. The Staff is also responsible for working with property owners to ensure compliance with the Land Development Code and certain aspects of the Code of Ordinances.

Staff currently supports the Planning Board, Architectural Review Board, Historic Preservation Committee, Land Development Code Advisory Board, and Transportation Advisory Board.