Basic Law Enforcement Training

Basic Law Enforcement Training
The Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Curriculum is designed to prepare entry-level individuals with the cognitive and physical skills needed to become certified law enforcement officers in North Carolina. 

The BLET course has been thoroughly researched, legally reviewed and contains the most current law enforcement information available. The Commission mandated 640-hour course takes approximately 16 weeks to complete and concludes with a comprehensive written exam and skills testing. Upon successful completion of the BLET State Comprehensive Written Examination, the BLET trainee has one year from the date of the State Comprehensive Examination to be duly appointed and sworn as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina. However, most agencies include an additional period of field training. Please visit the North Carolina Department of Justice website for more details.

The Cornelius Police department offers employment to applicants who are not BLET certified. The applicant can be hired as a Cadet and paid while BLET is completed. The first step to be considered for employment is to complete and submit an Interest Card. The recruiter will be in contact once the interest card is received. 

Lateral Transfer
The Cornelius Police department does hire in and out-of-state lateral transfers. A law enforcement officer with general certification may transfer from one law enforcement agency in North Carolina to another law enforcement agency in the state, provided he or she has less than a 12-month break in service.

An officer holding probationary certification may not laterally transfer from one law enforcement agency to another. The probationary period must be completed in its entirety at the same agency. If an officer terminates employment with one agency before his or her year is up, then he or she must start a new probationary period at the new agency. For more information visit regarding the minimum standards please contact the recruiter. 

Out-of-State Transfer
Out-of-state transferees will be evaluated to determine the amount and quality of their training and experience. At a minimum, out-of-state candidates must have two years of full-time, sworn law enforcement experience and have successfully completed a basic law enforcement training course accredited by the state from which they are transferring in order to be considered for transfer to a North Carolina law enforcement agency. Out-of-state transferees cannot have a break in service exceeding three years.

Prior to employment as a certified law enforcement officer in North Carolina, out-of-state transferees must successfully complete the employing agency’s in-service firearms training and qualification program. At a minimum, they must also complete the Legal Unit and any other identified training of the Commission-certified Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Course and successfully pass the BLET state examination within their 12-month probationary period.

All out-of-state transfers are considered Probationary Appointees who must meet the requirements stated above prior to being issued Probationary Certification as a law enforcement officer. After receiving the appropriate documentation, our staff will review your credentials to determine what additional training will be required during your probationary year. In addition to the above-stated requirements, you must submit the following documentation:

  • A letter from your previous law enforcement agency detailing your dates of FULL-TIME, sworn service; and you are in good standing;
  • A copy of your Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) course certificate of successful completion;
  • A topical breakdown/syllabus of the courses that you completed in BLET.