When is it appropriate to dial 911?
We strongly encourage our citizens and visitors to dial 911 at any time they need assistance, even if they are not sure about the urgent nature of it. One of the many benefits of having a local 911 Center is our flexibility in providing a much improved level of service. We do not want our citizens hesitating over the decision to call 911 or our seven-digit number. When in doubt, call 911.

Another issue we see is when people have an urgent situation and, out of habit, call our seven-digit number instead of 911. This can actually hinder our response, because the Telecommunicator does not get the information into their CAD console automatically unless the call comes in on 911.

Does the Cornelius Police Department offer the service of fingerprinting?
Fingerprinting is available by appointment only. Please call 704-892-1363 to schedule an appointment.
Does Cornelius have an animal control officer?
The Town of Cornelius has two full time animal control officers. These officers are responsible for managing the Cornelius animal shelter and responding to all calls for service related to animals in the town limits.
Does the Town of Cornelius have a Magistrates office?
No, all of the court offices are located in Charlotte on East 4th Street. None of the individual towns in Mecklenburg County have their own court system.
What is the noise policy for Cornelius? When is it a problem?
The Town's "Noise Ordinance" covers a wide range of different sound reproducing devices that could be perceived as excessively disturbing and unreasonable. Some of the areas covered by the ordinance are mechanical devices, animals, any sound amplification device such as radios or public address systems, discharging of firearms or other exploding devices. Upon receiving a noise complaint, the police department sends an officer to evaluate the cause of the disturbance. After determining whether or not a violation is occurring, the officer will take action to correct the problem. This may include a written warning or Town citation for the offense.
Are fireworks legal in Cornelius?
It is unlawful for anyone to discharge fireworks or pyrotechnics within the corporate limits of Cornelius unless you have obtained a permit from the County and supplied a copy to the Town Clerk.
What happens to lost and found property that is turned in to the Police Department?
The police department will try to contact the owner of the property and will hold it for at least 90 days. After that period of time passes, generally, the person turning in the property can claim it back.
Do you conduct tours of the Police Department?
Due to COVID-19, tours have been temporarily suspended. In the future we will offer tours during the year for school children, civic groups, and interested citizens. We enjoy that interaction and feel our citizens learn from it as well. 
How do I register my alarm system?
In an effort to reduce the number of calls for false alarms, Ordinance Chapter 99 requires any business or residence with an alarm (monitored or unmonitored) to have a permit. Online registration is available at https://www.crywolfservices.com/corneliusnc/. For additional information on the False Alarm Reduction Program click here.
Does the Cornelius Police Department charge for responding to alarm calls?

Alarm users are allowed two false alarm responses at no charge during permit year. Additional charges will be assessed as follows:

False Alarms 1, 2: No charge for registered alarms
False Alarms 3, 4, 5: $50 per response
False Alarms 6, 7: $100 per response
False Alarms 8, 9: $250 per response
False Alarms 10+: $500 per response
Audible Alarm over 15 minutes: $100 per response
Failure to register: $100 per false alarm 

For more information, please click here.

Does the Cornelius Police Department have any employment opportunities?

The Cornelius Police Department is hiring for Police Officers as well as Full Time Telecommunicators. Interested in applying? Complete an Interest Card to send your information to our Recruiter. Cornelius Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Police Officer Interest Card 

Full-Time Telecommunicator Interest Card 

How do I file a complaint against an officer or the Police Department?
If you need to file a complaint against a police officer please view complaint procedures for how you can go about reporting your concerns.