Lt. Figaro
         Lieutenant Figaro
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The Criminal Investigation section, like Patrol, is a function of the Field Operations Division and is commanded by a Lieutenant. The primary mission of the Investigative Section is to investigate all felony crimes as well as crimes of vice. These crimes include crimes against both persons and property including homicides, robberies, sexual assaults, assaults where serious physical injury occurred, financial crimes and identity crimes.

Area of Expertise
The Investigations unit also investigates misdemeanor crimes where frequency, trends or specific patterns are present. Investigators have specialized training in crime scene preservation and the collection of evidence, including latent fingerprints, casting, tool mark impressions, as well as DNA and other micro-particle evidence. Our investigators are trained in digital crime scene photography and in drawing scaled crime scene diagrams. As with all department functions, the Investigative unit maintains very strong working relationships with other local, State, and Federal agencies. These relationships allow us to call on outside resources in the event of a major multi-victim or other large scale crime scene.

Vice & Narcotics
The vice and narcotics function consist of officers who specialize in extensive drug and vice crimes, including all forms of illegal drug trafficking, prescription fraud, prostitution and other crimes. This unit also builds upon extensive relationships with other law enforcement agencies to work as regional task force units and to share knowledge, skills, resources and equipment as needed.