Trails and Greenways
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Caldwell Station Creek Tributary Greenway
Mecklenburg County is building an extension connecting the existing Caldwell Station Creek Greenway at Poole Place to the Northern Regional Recreation Center. The projected completion for this project is fall 2024. View the planned map.
UNDER DESIGN: McDowell Creek East Greenway
This 1.6-mile greenway will be built along with a 0.7-mile multi-use path along Westmoreland Road and a restoration project for Upper McDowell Creek. View the proposed map.
PROPOSED: Greenway Trail Construction
See the conceptual map of The Seam, a proposed 30-mile Mooresville-to-Charlotte trail that will provide a corridor for non-motorized transportation (bicycle and pedestrian) in our region. Check back for more information!
Legion Park
In 2021, the stormwater drain under Legion Park's baseball field collapsed. The old steel pipes and timber headwall were over 25 years old and could no longer convey stormwater through the park given the growth of the downtown area over the years. Legion Park is a meeting point for stormwater from over 35 acres of Cornelius stretching from Downtown to Osito's Tacos on Main Street. After an extensive study of the area to determine the best solution, the first phase of Legion Park improvements began in 2023, and a new system has now been installed that significantly increases capacity and will be able to accommodate any additional development in the downtown area. As part of the project, we also created a permanent pond to hold stormwater surge and for park patrons to enjoy. 

As the first phase nears completion Parks and Recreation is ready to move onto the next phase this summer. Park staff will be renovating and preparing to reopen the baseball field as well as adding a new batting cage. The field is scheduled to open for regular use in the fall of 2024. We will also be planting trees and other plants around the new pond to provide shade, provide more suitable aquatic habitat, and make the pond area more aesthetically pleasing. 

Saving the best for last, as part of the recently adopted FY25 budget, we are planning and preparing to construct a brand new playground! The existing playground is over 25 years old, which has begun to make maintenance more difficult. The current playground also does not meet ADA standards. The new playground will be ADA accessible. We are considering moving the playground closer to the existing shelter and bathroom building as well as the existing accessible parking lot on Spring Street. Moving the playground to this part of the park would also allow for natural shade cover under the park's canopy of trees. We will also be making other park improvements, such as replacing benches and trash cans and resurfacing portions of the park's trails.