Mayors' Fitness Challenge

Document - CopyThe three north Mecklenburg towns - Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville - have hosted the Mayors' Fitness Challenge since 2021! Residents of each town join together each spring to become one team to win the title of Fittest Community.

The challenge will run six weeks, April 7-May 19. At the end of six weeks, the Town with the highest average active minutes per participant will be awarded the Fittest Community Trophy! Remember: it's never too late to join! We encourage everyone to invite your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who lives in these towns to join in the fun and become more active.

Participants work to have the highest total of active minutes, then report them weekly. We encourage everyone to invite their family, friends, and co-workers who live in one of the three participating towns to join in the fun and become more active.


Point System

  • 1 point for every minute of activity/exercise (max total of 1,800/person/week)
  • Each week, one of the towns will host a walk on one of their greenways. Although points will not be rewarded for attending, each participant will be entered into a raffle which will be drawn at the end of each walk.


Congratulations to Past Winners:

2021: Town of Davidson

2022: Town of Cornelius

2023: Town of Huntersville

Important Program Information
How do I register for the Mayors' Fitness Challenge competition?
Residents should register through the town in which they live. Register individually or by family.
What types of activities can we engage in and track our minutes each week?

Each town will be providing their teams with a list of activities happening in their community.

In addition, families can walk, run, bike, or participate in their favorite games or sports together. During this competition, it is important for everyone to track all minutes spent doing any physical exercise to give their team the best chance of winning. Participant prizes will be awarded along the way!

How do I report the number of minutes I exercised?
At the end of each week, you will receive a link to a survey via email. Use the link to report fitness activities for that week. YOU MUST REPLY TO THIS EMAIL EVERY WEEK. Don't forget to enter your minutes and help Cornelius win this year's Mayors' Fitness Challenge!
Is there a minimum or maximum amount of minutes I can submit?
There is no minimum; everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate! 1,000 minutes per individual is the maximum each family/team can report. This ensures that the competition is fair for all teams and that a group of "super athletes" cannot affect the calculations.
How will you know I actually completed the minutes I am reporting?
Minutes spent exercising will be reported on an honor system. This is a friendly competition between municipalities and we encourage members of our community to be honest about their achievements.