Disc Golf

DocumentDisc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, with more than 12 million people having played the game, and the number of courses nationally growing by 14% a year. 

In disc golf, the terminology sounds familiar: There are tee boxes, fairways and greens; pars, bogeys, birdies and eagles. Occasionally, there is also an “ace.” Players throw discs designed for the sport toward metal baskets or “holes.” As in ball golf, the object is to get it into the hole in the fewest number of strokes. Like regular golf, terrain, trees and water might stand in the way; and just as there are drivers and irons and putters, disc golfers may carry different discs designed for driving, approaches and putts. 

About Our Courses

Bailey Road Park, 11536 Bailey Road
Bailey Road Park Disc Golf Course was re-designed in 2010 from a 9 hole course to 20 holes by Mark Huether. The new layout is longer and now winds its way around the southeast corner of the park to expand the area used by the public. Volunteers from the Charlotte Disc Golf Club and the Town of Cornelius, with the support of Parks & Recreation (CPRD) staff, worked more than six months to lay out and complete the course. This beginner-friendly course was designed to be your first course. Holes are mostly open (6 wooded) but baskets are placed around obstacles to promote different shot making. Most baskets are visible from the teepads. This is a great course to bring a family or to practice midrange shots after work. There are 20 full holes here with concrete tee pads. 13A and 13B form a loop between 13 and 14. The layout is mostly flat and 30% wooded. Tall grass defines many of the fairways and scoring well will depend on a variety of different throws.

Bailey Glow League 
We invite you to this weekly event that has been running for almost six years. Players of all ages and skill levels use LEDs to light their discs and play the course at night. Discs, LEDs, and other disc golf-related merchandise are available each evening. For more information on Bailey Disc Golf Glow League or Charlotte area disc golf please send an email to be added to the email list. 

Robbins Park  (Parking and 1st Tee access are located at Westmoreland Athletic Complex, 8430 Westmoreland Road, adjacent to Robbins Park)
Due to clearing for the Northcross Drive Extension Project, the Robbins Park Disc Golf Course is closed until further notice.

Robbins Park Disc Golf Course was designed by Mark Huether and built in 2014 with the support of the Charlotte Disc Golf Club and CPRD staff and is considered an intermediate course. The course is located behind the Westmoreland Athletic Complex baseball fields and is not accessible from the Robbins Park playground area. This course winds in and out of woods that border a small creek.  All elevation changes were incorporated, as the course crisscrosses in and out of the woods, open utility right-of-way, and old farm fields.  While designed to test the advancing skills of players that began at Bailey Road Park, there are long tees that will challenge all levels of players.  Early summer is an especially pretty time to play.  As one of Lake Norman's largest natural homes to beautiful milkweed plants, you are assured to enjoy your round with at least a few Monarch butterflies feeding on the flowers.

Pack out what you pack in and leave the park better than you found it. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH ON THE DISC GOLF COURSES!