Public Comment & Hearing Rules

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The following decorum and procedure are expected of all speakers during Public Comment and Public Hearing sessions that occur before the Town of Cornelius Board of Commissioners: 

  • Please sign up to speak before the meeting on the sign-up sheet located near the entrance to the board room.
  • Please be aware that all meetings of the Board of Commissioners are recorded and streamed live on the internet.
  • The Board will allocate up to 1 hour during each meeting to hear general Public Comments.
  • The Board will allocate up to 1 hour for each public hearing on the Agenda.
    1. Provide your name and address before you begin your comments.
    2. Comments are limited to 4 minutes.
    3. Comments are to be directed to the entire board and not to individuals.
    4. You may yield your comments to another speaker present at the meeting so that one speaker may address the board for up to 8 minutes.
    5. A designated spokesperson for a group of three or more may be allocated 10 minutes to speak.  At least three members of the group must be present and names and addresses of those members present must be submitted to the Town Clerk before the meeting begins.
    6. Presentations by applicants seeking to rezone property are limited to 10 minutes.  (Staff presentations and applicant time spent responding to questions from the Board is not subject to the 10-minute limit).
    7. You must be civil in your language and presentation and act within reasonable standards of courtesy.
    8. Use of slander, name-calling, personal attacks, or threatening speech or behavior is prohibited.
    9. The audience must maintain order and decorum in their conduct.  Please refrain from applause, comments, or disruptive speaking during the meeting.
    10. The Mayor or a majority of the Board may suspend these rules at their discretion.
    11. Failure to abide by these rules after receiving notice by the Mayor may result in 1) termination of your comment period and/or 2) your removal from the meeting.