Retired Engine 5

"Main Street Engine Co."
2005 Seagrave Marauder I

Engine 5 was built to be a sister truck to Engine 4 with the exception of a few changes. The tank holds 750 gallons of water which makes the body of Engine 5 sixteen inches longer than Engine 4′s body. The interior of the cab has a different seating arrangement than Engine 4′s. The most significant change is the foam system. All preconnects, the deck gun and the LDH discharge all have foam on them. One unique feature of the foam system is that each line can flow a different percentage of foam from it. This will be helpful on I-77 and at Foamex which is a large foam manufacturer that stores approximately sixty different chemicals in bulk on site.

2000 GPM Pump
Williams Fire & Hazard Control Advent 60 Foam System
750-Gallon Booster Tank
60-Gallon Foam Cell
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