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Third Party Website Link Application

  1. This link is from a governmental agency or non-profit that operates within the Cornelius/ Lake Norman/ North Mecklenburg County area and provides service to Cornelius Residents.*
  2. The services provided by my organization fall into the category of:
    Check all that apply.
  3. My organization's website content serves the following goals of the Town of Cornelius website:
    Check all that apply.
  4. The following is excluded content. Do you certify that your organization's website does not include any of this excluded content?*
    Copy protected images and/or content. Opinions or endorsements regarding candidates for office, political issues, or municipal, county, state, or federal initiatives. Promotion or advertisement of businesses or special interest groups. Campaign Websites for incumbent and challenging candidates for local, state, or federal office. Political organizations or other organizations advocating a candidate; a position on a local, state, or Federal issue; or pending legislation. Individual or personal home pages. Any submission considered by the Town to be inappropriate or out of line with the Purpose and Goals of the Website or the criteria herein. Material deemed offensive to our community Sites that automatically creates pop-up windows; installs Spyware, Viruses, Trojans or other dangerous software without the user’s express permission.
  5. If an existing website link is found to contain any excluded content, it will be removed from the Town of Cornelius website.
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