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Public Input Registration

  1. Register to Participate via Zoom
    Due to concern for public health amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Cornelius has made arrangements for the public to speak virtually during the public comments/citizens' concerns and public hearings at Town Board meetings. Speakers are invited to join the meeting via a unique Zoom panelist link provided by the Town. For security purposes, the Town will disable video and audio will be enabled individually for each speaker's allotted three-minute timeslot. To register, please fill out the information below completely and submit it. Once your registration is validated, you will be added as a speaker for the specified agenda item. Speaker confirmation will be provided via email on the day of the meeting. Questions should be directed to
  2. Deadline Submission
    Submit NO LATER than 12:00PM of the meeting day.
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  4. Please be specific on which item number and/or project title you wish to speak on (i.e., 8A, 9A) (REZ 01-21)
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    On the day of the meeting - you will receive an email with a unique panelist link to join the meeting via Zoom and additional steps for participation.
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