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  2. I feel safe in my community.
  3. Officers get out of their vehicle and interact with me.
  4. Police make an effort to provide the services that we need in our neighborhood.
  5. I know one or more officers in my community by sight or name.
  6. I feel the Police Department is available to me to solve issues in my neighborhood.
  7. Overall I am satisfied with the police services in my neighborhood.
  8. In your opinion, what are the most serious issues in your neighborhood? Check all that apply.
  9. 2. SERVICE
  10. If you have had contact with the Cornelius Police Department, please indicate the nature of your contact.
  11. If you have had contact with the Cornelius Police Department, which employee(s) did you have contact with most recently? (Select all that apply)
  12. Based on your experience, please tell us how we did in the following categories. Provide answers to only those that apply to your situation.
  13. Safety
  14. Service
  15. Professionalism
  16. Attitude
  17. Problem-Solving
  18. Communication
  19. Knowledge/Competency in handling call for service
  20. Uniform Appearance
  21. Meeting your expectations
  22. Addressed your concerns
  23. Courtesy
  24. Response Time
  25. Follow Through
  26. Overall Experience
  28. Listed below are crime prevention and awareness programs offered by the Cornelius Police Department. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the programs that you are familiar with.
  29. National Night Out
  30. Residential/Business Security Inspections
  31. Shred-A-Thon
  32. Neighborhood Watch
  33. Business Watch
  34. Senior Seminar Lunch and Learn
  35. Pack the Patrol Car
  36. Citizens Academy
  37. Speaker's Bureau
  38. HABIT Program
  39. Bike Rodeo
  40. Holiday Luncheon
  41. Forensics Camp
  42. Coffee with a Cop
  43. Driver's Experience
  44. Operation Curbside Cleanup
  45. RAIDS Online
  46. Adopt a Family Program
  47. School Resource Officer Program
  48. 4. CONTACT INFORMATION (Optional)
  49. Please complete the section below if you would like the Department to contact you.
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