What is the benefit of revaluation?

Property taxes are based on property values. Without periodic revaluations, some property owners would pay more than their share of property tax while others would pay less. Revaluations reset property tax values to their current market value so that the property tax burden is spread fairly among all taxpayers

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1. What is revaluation?
2. How are properties assessed?
3. What is the benefit of revaluation?
4. How does revaluation affect my taxes?
5. Who assesses my property? How are they trained?
6. Is the County inflating property values to raise money?
7. Does the County only do revaluation at the peak of the market?
8. When will I get my Notice of 2019 Real Estate Assessed Value?
9. How can I find my property information?
10. What do I do if I feel like my property value is too high or too low?
11. What does the "Deferred Amount" refer to on the Notice of 2019 Real Estate Assessed Value?
12. What if my house was still under construction on Jan. 1, 2019?
13. Can property values change before the next revaluation?
14. How do I know if I should file an appeal?
15. How do I file a Formal Appeal?
16. What happens after I submit my appeal?
17. How long do informal reviews take?
18. Do I need to attend my appeal hearing?