American Rescue Plan Act

The Town of Cornelius will be allocated $9.6m through the U.S. Government's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The purpose of these funds is to help communities respond to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by improving, assisting, and serving our community.

The Town is seeking public input on how the ARPA funds should be spent in Cornelius. With these funds, we'll be able to finance projects and expenditures through ARPA instead of using the Town's typical funding sources, such as property tax.

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ARPA Survey #1 has closed. See below for details on Survey #2. 

Project Contained in ARPA Survey #2

Projects Details & Examples
Road widening, new roads, intersection improvements. West Catawba Ave. widening, US 21/Catawba Ave. intersection, Torrence Chapel Rd./West Catawba Ave. intersection, Bailey Rd. Extension, and Hickory St./South Main St. intersection that will ease congestion for the community-at-large
New or improved sidewalks, greenways, multi-use paths, and bike lanes along roads and intersections. These will reduce the number of vehicles on roads and provide a safe way to exercise. Includes greenways and multi-use paths along the US 21 and Westmoreland Rd. corridors (allowing pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the Westmoreland Bridge safely).
Stream restoration and stormwater maintenance & repair projects that will improve the water quality of creeks and streams. Projects will focus on creeks and streams that feed into our raw drinking water supply, Lake Norman, and Mountain Island Lake.
Stormwater infrastructure repair and stream restoration projects that reduce the likelihood of flooding and prevent or mitigate property damage & erosion.  
Focus on specific neighborhoods and areas to increase the number of workforce and affordable housing units in Cornelius, allowing low- to moderate-income workers the ability to live in Cornelius. This would include neighborhoods like Smithville. Workforce and affordable housing benefits people like teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters, maintenance workers, restaurant & hotel-industry workers, retail & service workers, and administrative assistants.
 Increasing access to workforce and affordable housing throughout Town by providing rental assistance, transitional housing options, down payment assistance, etc.  
Within existing low- to moderate-income neighborhoods in Cornelius (like Smithville): improving the quality of life. Done by providing improvements, such as nearby park improvements, new road connections, new sidewalks and greenways, water & sewer and stormwater improvements, emergency repairs (such as floor and roof repairs), etc.
Expanding existing parks, adding new fields and courts, adding new park amenities, preserving existing tree canopies in designated areas, and maintaining existing parks to allow for passive and active use. Includes playgrounds, picnic shelters, trails, ponds, etc.
Purchasing land today for the future development of parks, as land costs will only increase with time. a.k.a. Land banking.
Adding full-time Cornelius Firefighters that are Town employees. Currently, the Town contracts with a non-profit organization that employs part-time Firefighters. These Firefighters are either full-time Firefighters for another agency or full-time employees of a non-public safety company. It is challenging to maintain part-time staffing levels.
Purchasing new Police vehicles and Fire trucks, new equipment, and development of facilities. Maintenance of rolling stock, equipment, and facilities.  
Public Safety salaries that are competitive with the market and other service-related costs for the provision of Police, Fire, Telecommunications (911), and Animal Control.  
Invest in job growth.

Done by improving Cornelius’s transportation network, develop shovel-ready sites for new companies & industry, utilities & infrastructure improvements, and appropriate planning.
Encourage tourism and visitor spending at Cornelius’s restaurants & shops. Done by investing in areas throughout Cornelius. Improvements to the area's sites, parking, road & sidewalk network, pedestrian & bike network, utilities, and infrastructure.
Providing mental health services to those in need, including those that have experienced hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Providing community assistance to neighborhoods that have experienced hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such as infrastructure improvements or services.
Improve the Town’s cyber security and information technology capabilities to ensure efficient delivery of services in all Town departments and protect against cyber threats.  
Increase the Town’s communication with the community, including greater initiatives to receive, assess, and implement feedback from citizens.