N. Zion Medical Building (REZ 10-20)

About the Project

On February 15, 2021 the Town of Cornelius Board of Commissioners approved a request by MVP Properties to develop approximately 1.76 acres located on North Zion Avenue to include a one-story building (minimum 26’ in height) containing a maximum of 16,000 square feet of gross floor area for office use. The Conditional Zoning rezoning allows the following deviations from the Code: 1) Frontage buildout a minimum of 40% where Code requires 60%; 2) Maximum front setback of 32' where Code requires 10'; 3) Not require a primary entrance located on the front façade of the building facing the primary public street; 4) Allow 90 degree on-street parking spaces on North Zion.

PID: 00751105
Location: Approximately 275' NE of the Catawba Avenue/Highway 115 intersection


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