Street Smarts



What is Street Smarts?

The purpose of Street Smarts is to identify the difficulties and opportunities that citizens see for our roads so that the Transportation Advisory Board may better advise the Board of Commissioners on transportation projects.

What is the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB)?

The Transportation Advisory Board is a citizen committee that works with the Cornelius Planning Department and the Board of Commissioners to provide guidance on issues related to transportation, development, and pedestrian safety. Denis Bilodeau is the Town Board Liaison for this board.

What kind of information is TAB looking for from citizens?

  • TAB is looking for citizens to highlight traffic troubles that they encounter and the reason for the trouble if it is known.
  • TAB is looking for suggestion and ideas to improve roads, intersections, crosswalks, etc.
  • TAB is looking for citizens to highlight pedestrian concerns and suggestions throughout Town. 

How do I use this map?

  1. To use this map, click the graphic that says Street Smarts. This will open the map portal.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner, click on the edit symbol.
  3. Click on the red dot labeled "New Feature"
  4. Next, find the road, intersection, crosswalk, etc. that you want to comment on and click in that area to place a pin.
  5. A white box will appear for you to add your comment, date, and email (optional).
  6. When finished typing your comment, close the white box.
  7. Finally, close out the Street Smarts portal and you have successfully added a comment.

What happens with the information that I add to the map?

All comments will receive a response. These comments will be reviewed and considered when planning future projects.

Should I expect a response?

Yes, TAB will respond to every comment within the map portal. These responses can be viewed by anyone in the portal. However, because the system is anonymized to encourage candor, commenters will not be notified of the response. If you feel your comment requires a response, we encourage you to leave your email address in your comment.