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Permit Process

All building permits for properties located in Cornelius require zoning approval from the Town of Cornelius, including new construction, additions, demolitions, interior upfits, accessory structures, decks, pools, piers/docks, etc. Find out when you need a permit. Permits are actually issued by Mecklenburg County and Mecklenburg County staff perform all inspections. You may complete an online permit application and upload appropriate supporting documentation by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Mecklenburg county permit website  and create an account under the appropriate section.
  2. Apply for a building permit.
  3. IF the permit is for exterior work (new construction, additions, decks, pools, sheds, etc.):
    • Print off the Residential Plot Plan form.
    • Draw the proposed plan on the Residential Plot Plan form and upload the document back into Mecklenburg’s webpermit system.
The Cornelius Planning Department will be notified by Mecklenburg County to perform a zoning review on your permit.  Your permit application will remain in a deferred status until we have completed the zoning review. If you do not see any action taken by Cornelius within 24 business hours of submittal, PLEASE contact us by email or by calling 704-896-2461. Providing your permit number will help us locate your permit within Mecklenburg County's online system.

Cornelius fees are separate from Mecklenburg County fees and may be paid online below. The Cornelius zoning review fee is $10 for Interior upfits, docks/piers, and demolitions.  All other building permits are $25.  

Note that Cornelius does not review trade permits (mechanical, electrical, plumbing).

If you have any questions on the process, we encourage you to contact us by email or call us 704-896-2461.

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