Street Maintenance

Patching / Filling

The patching or filling of pavement is an essential function of the Public Works Department. Pothole repair preserves the safety of the town streets and improves ride quality for motorists. North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) maintains the following roads in Cornelius:
  • Bailey Road
  • Bethel Church Road
  • Highways 21, 73 and 115
  • I-77 ramps
  • Nantz Road
  • Torrence Chapel Road
  • Washam Potts Road
  • West Catawba Avenue
  • Westmoreland Road


Each year the Town receives Powell Bill funds from the NCDOT to use for road/sidewalk maintenance and repair. A paving/sidewalk list is created by staff and approved by the Town Board


All other roads and streets within the town limits (except those within new developments not yet turned over to the town), are maintained by the Public Works Department. Find out if your street is maintained by the town, is a private street or maintained by the state on the Powell Bill Map. You may request a pothole repair via email or call the Public Works Department.