Garbage Collection


Garbage is collected one day per week by Waste Pro. Waste Pro utilizes fully automated curbside waste collection, so please follow the guidelines outlined below when curbing your roll-out containers:
  • A full trashcan is one that has the ability to be closed. Overfilled cans are considered can plus three bags.
  • Bag your trash. Trash that is not bagged can and will end up on the ground and in yards. Keep your neighborhood clean.
  • Make sure placement of the container is clear of trees and overhanging limbs.
  • Do not put yard waste materials in your rollout container.  Please follow the Yard Waste Collection guidelines.

Non-Compliant Trash

Household garbage that does not meet the above criteria will be tagged as non-compliant and will not be picked up. If the resident makes household garbage conform, it will be collected at the next regular scheduled pick-up. However, you may not leave your container at the curb until the next pick-up date.