Animal Shelter

Volunteering at the Cornelius Animal Shelter

Like most shelters, the success of this facility would be impossible without the many volunteers that make it happen. All volunteers, past and present, are directly responsible for providing outstanding care for animals coming into our facility. There is a constant need for active kennel attendants and administrative volunteers. If you are over the age of 18 and interested, please contact Cornelius Animal Control at 704-237-3602 or visit us at the shelter.

Adoption Process

Complete an application at the shelter, if approved, an adoption fee must be collected. There is an $85 adoption fee for felines and $95 adoption fee for canines. The shelter can only accept check and cash, if payment is by cash, the amount must be exact. Once the paperwork and fee has been collected, the new owner picks up their pets from the Animal Hospital of Cornelius on a later date. All adopted pets are up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, and spay or neutered.

Impoundment Process

The Cornelius Animal Shelter only accepts animal surrenders from owners that reside in the Town of Cornelius. Those seeking to surrender should bring proof of residency to the Town of Cornelius, previous medical records, and $40 for the impoundment fee. The fee is payable only by check and cash, if payment method is cash, the amount must be exact.

After Impoundment

While every effort is made to provide for the continuing welfare of a surrendered animal, the Town of Cornelius cannot guarantee the treatment, health or safety of an animal after it is adopted or otherwise transferred to another entity, person or organization. Further, The Town of Cornelius cannot guarantee that a surrendered animal will be adopted, rescued, will not be euthanized or will not be transferred to another facility.

Partner Agency
Hollyz Hope

Holly'z Hope is a non-profit, volunteer organization supporting dogs and dog owners in our community. Our primary goal is to promote responsible pet ownership in an effort to reduce overpopulation and inhumane treatment. We offer a long term solution to tethering or chaining dogs by providing fences at no cost to the dog owner. We also offer dog houses, spay and neutering and basic dog supplies to include dog food, straw, bedding and dog toys. For more information visit or call (949) 800-9816.