Records Division


April Beckman

Records Manager


Maribel Martinez

Records Clerk


Jenna Logan


Records Management

The records division is charged with:
  • Compiling, integrating and maintaining central information files of all police incidents and of activities of persons and places named or involved in incidents that have been reported.
  • Maintaining all police reports and files of the department.
  • Reviewing reports of investigations filed by officers that provides for adequate follow-up to completion of each case.
  • Statistical reporting to the State on a monthly basis and providing operational data to assist with service delivery.
In addition to obtaining reports at the Police Department headquarters building, residents may obtain reports online here: Police Reports.

Local Arrest History Reports

Local arrest history reports are available at the Police Department. However, this type of history report shows only arrests made within the Town of Cornelius and are typically not broad enough to be considered a background check for the purposes of employment application requirements by a potential employer. To obtain a local arrest history, you must request these reports in person at the Police Department located at 21440 Catawba Avenue. These local reports are provided free of charge to Cornelius residents.

Criminal Background Check

To obtain a full criminal background check, you must visit the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court at 832 East Fourth Street in Charlotte. The cost of these background checks is $10. You can reach the Clerk of Court by calling 704-686-0400.