Viewing Maps

The maps listed below are PDF files and often large. They may take a few minutes to load.


The Zoning Map shows the zoning for each parcel. To find out what is allowed in a zoning district, view the Land Development Code for details.

Land Use

The Land Use Map designates the intended use of property throughout the town as described in the adopted Land Use Plan.


Although Cornelius is only 15 square miles, there are more than 100 subdivisions in town. View the Subdivision Map to find details on a subdivision, including the number of units planned and number of units built. The map includes single-family, multi-family and mixed-use developments.


Do you want to know if your street is maintained by the town, state or privately maintained? Then view the Powell Bill Map and find out.

Traffic Volumes

NCDOT produces Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) volume maps that present the traffic average for a specific year at specific points on North Carolina's roads

Transient Occupancy

Transient occupancy is defined as a dwelling unit that is offered or advertised as being available for a term of more than three (3) weeks per year but less than 90 days per calendar year. See the Transient Occupancy Map to find out where such temporary housing may be considered. Also check out the conditions associated with having a Transient Occupancy in Chapter 6 of the Land Development Code. 

Trash Routes

View the trash route map to determine what day Republic Services will be in your neighborhood.


Much of the Town of Cornelius lies within a watershed, which means additional building restrictions may apply to your property. As you can see on the Watershed & Environmental Features Map, all properties west of I-77 and properties on the north side of Catawba Avenue between I-77 and Highway 115 lie in a watershed district.