Tax Refunds

Tax Refund checks that have not been cashed
Statistics on Tax Refunds (As of November 13, 2015):

There are currently 747 refund checks that are more than 60 days old, totaling $8,693.67, that have not been cashed.
  • 23 over $100
  • 13 between $50-99.99
  • 25 between $20-49.99
  • 31 between $10-19.99
  • 30 between $5-9.99
  • 625 under $5
If these checks are not cashed, the Town must turn the funds over to the State.

If you have a refund check for any amount, please cash it, so the Town or State doesn’t hold your money. If you have moved, and believe your refund might not have reached you, please contact Tracy Blanton at the Town at 704-892-6031 or email.

Be mindful that ultimately you will receive a separate refund of County and Town tax. If you have received either but not both, please contact the Town so that we may research your refund.